CUFF is the brainchild of longtime Democratic organizers Susie Madrak and Leanne Fairchild. 

  • We are not a non-profit. The reason? It has been our experience that non-profits are often timid, beholden to their donors, and frequently pull their punches as a result. We want to be aggressive.
  • That’s why we are funded by our members. Your membership dues will fund outreach and advertising to expand our membership, to get to a size where legislators are forced to listen.
  •  We use email petitions to grow our email list, and thus our membership. This is a standard practice.
  • We are NOT an organization that helps members with specific consumer problems — i.e. a defective product. We will lobby for better laws that make it so easy for corporations to get away with it.
  • While we will happily lobby against Democrats if they attempt to pass legislation we feel is egregiously anti-consumer, we still believe the Democrats are much friendlier to consumers than the Republican party — but that’s only by comparison. Democrats seem to have forgotten their pro-consumer past, and we intend to remind them.