“Consumers United For Fairness? Never heard of them.” No, we’re not Citizens United, the group that exists to push corporate power. We’re the anti-monopoly, anti-mandatory arbitration, anti-corporate-friendly judges gang.

We’re on the side of everyday people. Unlike your local TV station or consumer reporter, we don’t exist to fix everyday problems. We’re going after the corporations and the type of legislation they “persuade” (via campaign cash) senators and congress members to sponsor and vote for.

I’m Susan Madrak, CUFF’s founder. I have a long history of fighting for the little guys and girls: Investigative journalist for two decades, political columnist, progressive blogger, and as managing editor of one of the largest political blogs, Crooks and Liars.

I believe that David can beat Goliath — if he knows exactly where to aim his stone. (I have some interesting plans about that.)

I grew up poor, and except for the occasional well-paid gig, I mostly stayed that way. I look at everything in terms of how it affects working people, and what takes money out of their pocket.

Right now, we’re in the process of building our own email list with the goal of taking on some of the biggest industries. We’d like you to be part of that effort, so please subscribe. You have much more citizen clout as a group than as an individual.

Susan Madrak

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