Some of us are still trying to pay the rent without a job

Seems like a really good time to contact your reps and tell them to support the Pandemic Anti-Monopoly Act, written by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Why we can’t support Republican judges

Please read. I don’t support Republicans because I don’t support Republican judges. You get the occasional thoughtful jurist, but primarily you get pro-corporate, anti-consumer judges — and that’s not what CUFF is about:

Rigging the system even more

See, this is why I will never support a Republican nominee for the Supreme Court. They are invariably pro-corporation to the point of absurdity:

She wants to break it all up

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Is that really such a bad idea? Via the New York Times, a profile of anti-monopolist Sarah Miller:

“WASHINGTON — One night five years ago, Sarah Miller, a former Treasury Department aide, was trying to make sense of an economic recovery that had left the country in the grips of rising inequality.

“Thinking back to recent news articles about corporate mergers, she Googled “monopolies in America.” Her screen filled with links to articles detailing a nascent school of thinking that corporate concentration was to blame for inequality, and that a century-old approach to antitrust laws could help solve it.

“As she read more, she felt she had found the absent piece of a puzzle. “This is probably a big deal,” Ms. Miller, now 37, remembered thinking.

“It is now common to hear Democratic presidential candidates argue that tech companies like Facebook and Google are too powerful. The Trump administration, too, is investigating whether those businesses, as well as Apple and Amazon, have violated antitrust laws.

“Ms. Miller has been central in making the issue prominent. From her onetime seat as the deputy director of the Open Markets Institute, a research and advocacy group focused on antitrust, she spent three years as a thorn in Silicon Valley’s side, guiding a coalition of liberal groups that demanded federal officials break up Facebook.”

Go read the whole thing.

Stop being a spectator

And start being an activist. Congressional switchboard: 202-224-3121.