1. I just donated – supposedly to 5 senate candidates in this election – Theresa Greenfield (IA), Amy McGrath (KY), Mark Kelly (AZ), Al Gross (AK), & Jaime Harrison (SC). It was supposed to be matched 5x. I just wanted to check that I understood this email correctly & these 5 candidates are each going to get a donation. Thanks.

  2. Christopher Michael Gordon
    Christopher Michael Gordon

    I’m a 77 year old Little Guy who has worked hard all of my life. I got into computers in the mid 1990’s. Recently, I have been blocked from every Internet Platform that I have subscribed to for years. Including Crooks & Liars. Yesterday, (10/30/2020) I was blocked from Daily Kos and all Google platforms. Plus “Next Door” So, is there some master list of people with opinions that some don’t want others to hear? I see that I can discuss this platform on Facebook and Twitter. I never had a Facebook account, although one was hacked and created for me by some Russians. I’ve been banned for life. Even though a new account was created for me after 2017. Then, there is Twitter. Shortly after creating a Twitter account, I was banned for using a bad word. ‘”Suicide” in describing what is left when all hope is gone.

    There is a pane to the right side of this screen by Susie Madrak about Insulin and the cost of Humalog. I am a type ll Diabetic. That can not afford the cost of insulin. So I go without. The reason I mentioned “Suicide” on Twitter is because of what numerous doctors tell my wife (of 57 years) “I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with you. Good Bye. And don’t make another appointment. (But they always collect our Co-Pay and make sure our insurance will cover the visit) SO for telling the truth about how we re treated, we are blocked by the Conservative System.

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