The cost of corruption

This is Mrs. Mitch McConnell.

There was a study published by the Justice Department during the Carter Administration, and boy, do I wish I still had my copy. But I remember enough to know that they estimated the costs of public corruption at 30% of public expenditures.

That was back in the old days, when people were actually ashamed of stealing taxpayer money and tried to cover it up.

That means your tax bills are higher to cover the costs of corruption. It means your local schools are being shortchanged, and roads and bridges aren’t being repaired.

I know a lot of people who say, “I don’t care for politics, I don’t follow that stuff.”

Can you really afford not to?

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A healthy sign

Hack your privacy

Stop the robocalls!


Here’s something we didn’t know we were waiting for: Sen. Jon Tester is co-sponsoring a new bill aimed at stopping the constant flow of robocalls (26 billion last year) at the source, and you can tell your Senators what a great idea you think that is.

Imagine: No more “that number looks familiar, should I pick it up?” moments. Or calls that identify as your favorite charity, but are really trying to sell you a timeshare.

Tester’s bipartisan Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act (TRACED Act) will soon be up for a full vote on the Senate floor.

As consumer advocates, we like this bill a lot. So we’re asking you to contact your senators and show your support for Tester’s bill. (It’s bipartisan — no one is going to yell at you!) If passed and implemented, we will finally be able to know that when a number comes up on Caller ID, it’s actually who the ID says it is. And that’s a plus for those of us on the other end.

The bill is S. 151, but they should know which bill it is. Thanks!