Why we’re taking on the Big Pharma lobby

In case you’ve never heard me talk about it, CUFF is all about standing up for consumers.

The idea on which we’re founded is that consumers are financially squeezed, often unfairly. Most of us aren’t getting good raises, and all the services we depend on — prescription medicine, cable TV, cells phones, etc.— are constantly increasing in price. The reason that happens? It can be complicated, but we suspect the biggest reason is that consumers are conditioned to take it. And take it, we do.

We happen to believe reasonable pricing is the least we can expect.

That’s why our first official email campaign urges Congress to take immediate action to help diabetics get affordable insulin. (Do you know how crazy that sounds to people in other countries? That’s because it is. This makes my blood boil.)

If you haven’t already signed the petition, please do it now.

I know email campaigns can be really annoying and often seem pointless. But your support on this and other issues will now be digitally transmitted to members of Congress, and it will make a difference. And emails help activist organizations grow! You know those “tip” buttons? That’s how a lot of good work gets funded.

I’ve always planned for CUFF to be funded by small contributions, because I’ve seen how activist groups can be hemmed in by their big donors. (That’s why magazines like Mother Jones don’t run ads.) We want to be an independent voice, and your tips make it possible for us to plan for taking on big issues without fear of losing funding. This group is truly people-powered, so if you haven’t already, please sign our petition.

If you’ve already signed the petition, thank you! Please consider forward it to friends and family. We have this crazy idea that we can build a powerful consumer voice that we can use to make politicians listen — and that will be good news for us all.

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