Some thoughts on tariffs

Photo#204-Soy Beans!

Let’s make this clear: Tariff are taxes, and they raise the price of imported products for consumers. Countries don’t pay tariffs, consumers do.

The Trump administration doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing with tariffs, and the results are showing up in the cost of our daily purchases. (For instance, steel tariffs that raise the cost of an outdoor gas grill by $300.) Incidentally, these same tariffs have resulted in no gain whatsoever for American consumers. It’s all a show to drum up support for the mid-term elections.

Now President Trump is proposing to give $12 BILLION in aid to the giant agricultural farms hurt by his trade policies. Does this make sense to you?

The other thing tariffs do is cut off trade with other countries in retaliation, like the meat industry. You will see lower prices at the supermarket because the stockpiles are so high from trade cutoffs with other countries, but that won’t last long as the meat companies eventually go out of business.

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